Agnes Garbowska was born in Poland and came to Canada when she was four years old. Being an only child
she escaped into a world of books, cartoons, and comics. Fueled by all the imaginary worlds her interest in
art grew. She writes and illustrates a number of web comics titled Imagination Station, Waking Up Abbey,
and You, Me, and Zombie all found on her website The first chapters of these have
been collected in her self-published book MyMisiu Gazette Vol. 1. She also illustrates a web comic called
Boo Bear and Flo part of Saturday Morning Webtoons with writer Jack Briglio . Other published work
includes work for Marvel Comics on Girl Comics and the Spider-Ham 25th Anniversary Special, My Little
Pony and Power Puff Girls for IDW, Unity for Valiant, Red Sonja, Lil' Vampi and a host of covers for
Dyanamite,  As well as illustrating a number of children's books titled Yogurt the Ogre for a Canadian
publish Pdoink.
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All art depicted on this page is copyright their respective owners.   Agnes Garbowska is
copyright her parents and they have the documentation to prove it.
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