Born on January 4th, 1967 in Seoul, Korea, Bob Almond relocated to the USofA after only a few weeks. Bob soon discovered comics and became a 'Marvel zombie'
at the age of nine. This led to the never-ending accumulation of a vast comic book collection but, most notably, the success at eventually acquiring the entire run of
AVENGERS, inspired by the art of George Perez. This work motivated him to learn the craft and develop the skills of sequential art storytelling with the goal of
becoming a professional comic book artist. Bob, his brother Mike, and his friends, all of whom shared a similar interest, formed the homemade 'Torpedo Comics'
which allowed them the practice necessary in the early years, lasting until the sophomore year of high school, when life REALLY got in the way.

Bob later attended UMass Dartmouth taking up illustration as his major. After scoring well on his senior project, a sci-fi/ fantasy/ horroranthology told with
sequential art storytelling as a graphic novel, Bob graduated(and got married!) in 1990 with a BFA in Illustration. After two years of collecting numerous rejection
letters for his pencilling and inking samples, Bob broke into the biz professionally thanks to the efforts of Bernie Wrightson and Jim Starlin. After several years of
attending the annual Wrightson Halloween bash(a tradition begun after interviewing Bernie over the phone for a college project and being invited to attend)Bob had
displayed his inking samples to Jim, Bernie's pal, and Jim convinced his editor to hire Bob as Terry Austin's! replacement on WARLOCK AND THE INFINITY WATCH in

After two years on his first comic title Bob moved on to other projects and has done work in some capacity at Marvel every year since. He has also had runs on
various titles working for the likes of Penny-Farthing Press, Malibu, First Salvo, Wildstorm, and Acclaim Comics as well as occasional projects for DC Comics and
other publishers.
Spider Island HFH #1
Heroes for Hire #9
Fear Itself tie-in
Heroes for Hire #10
Heroes for Hire #11
Fear Itself tie-in
The Guardian Project
(NHL/Stan Lee)
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"Dooney Girls"
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"Sal and Bob's art soup"
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"Before and After"
  Green Force: Tsunami #1
Green Force: Tsunami #2