Ken Branch
Ken Branch is a freelance illustrator for over 20 years. His
credits include writing, penciling, inking and painting.

As an inker in the comic book field since ‘90’s.  He worked on
such titles as Justice League of America, Wonder Woman and
Dark Stars for DC Comics, and various other titles for Marvel,
Valiant and others. Inking such pencilers as George Perez,
Travis Charest, David Finch, Brent Anderson, Rags Morales,
Brenard Chang, Paul Pelletier and many many others.

As a Painter he painted art for the National Chicle All Hand
Painted 2010 Baseball and Football cards sets for Topps,
Paintings for Meet and Greets with Alex Rodriguez and
Alfonso Soriano of the New York Yankees and all kinds of
Sports memoriabilia.

Most recently he is producing his own graphic novel 35Years:
Will You Survive?
Comic Art Pin-ups for sale
Comic Art Paintings for sale
Billy Batson and the Magic of
Shazam #5
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