Cat is currently working as an artist for DC comics, illustrating the covers and interiors for the Smallville Season 11 series
and The Vampire Diaries. As well as the interiors on the Phantom Lady mini series. Her work is also featured in
Womanthology (IDW) on a story written by Barbara Kesel and the book Star TrekFederation:The First 150 Years. Recently,
she designed one of the most popular t-shirts for Ashely Eckstien’s Her Universe, Star Wars clothing line and is currently
working on new designs.

Cat’s previous comic related work included creating original character sketches for a new character by Stan Lee for POW!
Entertainment and she has been working for the Star Wars / LUCASFILM family since 2004, for which she has illustrated
short fiction for, produced sketch and trading cards, exclusive prints for Star Wars Celebrations III, IV, Europe,
Celebration V, and Celebration VI. Cat also illustrated the weekly webstrip, Hot Mess, on
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