Steve Ellis’ work has been featured on CD covers, computer games, trading cards, books, RPGs,
magazines, toys and, of course, comics. Well versed in digital and traditional media, Steve has enjoyed
widespread success painting and illustrating in the publications of Marvel and DC Comics, for Wizards of
the Coast and Upper Deck, and numerous other companies over the past 14 years. His Dungeons &
Dragons work for Wizards of the Coast includes interior illustrations for Libris Mortis, Frostburn, Lords of
Madness, Complete Adventurer, and Player's Handbook II.

While acting as penciler and inker for Marvel Comics and DC Comics’ famous properties like Lobo, Iron
Man, and Green Lantern, Steve has spearheaded such new titles as Wildstorm’s Jezebelle and the
Marvel/Epic lines’ Crimson Dynamo. He has created the critically successful Science Fiction comic series
Tranquility, his super-powered Mob epic The Silencers (with co-conspirator Fred Van Lente) and has had
success winning the Zuda Comics online comics competition with fan favorite High Moon.[3] He has also
done numerous illustrations for covers for books and games, most notably the interior illustrations of
The Sleeping Sorceress, a collection of Elric of Melnibone stories
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