Ken has had a notable, independent (small-press), published, comic book career as both the artist and
logo designer for companies including Virus Comix, About Time Comics, AC Comics, Daystar Studios
Entertainment, Cryptic Magazine, Jam Packed Productions, Fantagraphics Books, Carnal Comics,
B-Brand Comix, and many more. He is currently working on covers for DC Comics.

It was during this distinguished stint in the independent comics market that Ken began building a deeper
understanding of (and duties in) a managerial capacity for the associated market.  His first foray into
such a position of responsibility came when he signed on for dual roles as both Editor and Art Director
for Daystar Studios Entertainment - roles from which he has since moved on.

Ken currently finds himself acting in yet another multi-role capacity, this time as the penciller on one of
Box Press' premiere flagship titles, "Bloodlines", as well as holding the dual positions of Public
Relations Officer for Box Press,  and Production Team Co-Lead for another pre-production title slated for
release in 2013.  As part of these latter duties, Ken is the Portfolio Review and Submissions Vetting
Coordinator at both the home office and at trade shows.
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