Jenevieve Broomall is a popular Cover Illustrator.  She is most commonly known for her portrayals of female characters on her Covers
but also enjoys drawing monsters, designing, and is working on moving to interiors.

She has published Covers with clientele ranging from IDW, Tales Told LLC Lady Death Series, Aspen/Big Dog Ink, Zenescope,
Bluerainbow Online, Devil's Due Publishing, and more Independent companies.  Along with Character Design work for Big Dog Ink.

Jen’s next project will be doing Covers for Tales Told LLC’s Lady Death series and Covers for Aspen/BDI Shahrazad Series.  

Jen is a self-taught artist but contributes all her “formal” training to having artistic and supportive parents who taught and surrounded
her with creativity from a very young age. However, she has not been drawing seriously until the birth of her first daughter which
her to work diligently to improve and go after a career in comics as an example to her daughters and others.  

Her thoughts are if the talent level is good enough, regardless of gender, age, ethnicity, or situation it's all down to the hard work and
love for the art.  
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