Khoi Pham
Fans who have seen Khoi Pham on the convention circuit or followed the MIGHTY AVENGERS artist's
career back to his days on X-FACTOR may have heard a that the 2009 Marvel Young Gun worked full-
time as a trial lawyer before getting his start at Marvel.

We're here to tell you that isn't exactly true—Pham worked full-time as a trial lawyer while getting his
start at Marvel!

"With X-FACTOR, I was working full time as an attorney—trying homicide cases and all sorts of crazy
things—during the day, and so I really only had a couple of hours a week to put out a monthly book,"
recalls Pham of his artistic trial by fire.

Aside from the law degree the artist holds from the Ivy League's University of Pennsylvania, Pham
also boasts an M.B.A. "None of that says art," he laughs now, adding that even though he holds no
formal art training, the transition from law to comics proved an easier one that one might expect.

"The transition wasn't that bad because I've always considered myself a professional student—or
sometimes a perpetual student," he explains. "But you kind of learn how to learn. That can apply to
everything: drawing, playing guitar, playing basketball, shooting pool. I really don't see why anybody
can't do what I do. It's not that shocking because anybody can learn it."
X-Factor #17
X-Factor #18
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