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Our bud and fellow art rep, Joe Gonzalez' art site.  Check out available work and
commissions from such artists as Roger Cruz, Ryan Benjamin, Renato Guedes,
Adriana Melo, Joe Bennett, Greg Tocchini, and many more.  Tell him Bob sent ya!
What do Monsters Inc, Batman, NASCAR, Bugs Bunny, X-Men, Shrek, and Michael
Jordan all have in common?

They've all been drawn by AL BIGLEY, one of the most versatile, in-demand
artist/cartoonists around!
The Facebook page for fans of Rich Woodall's Johnny Raygun.  This CLASSIC
black and white comic is full of comic goodness!
Mark McKenna's really awesome children's book.  My daughters had me read this
to them every night when they were growing up.  Some of my fondest
daddy/daughter moments were because of this book.
The Hero Initiative is awesome.  Nuf' said.
Dome, Kriana, Illustrator X, and Dead Red Head lead the crew that is the official
podcast of Comic Art House.
Dave Simons - 1954-2009
Zeke Feldhaus - 1949-2009
Andrew Wiernicki - 1960-2008