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Artbook 2
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Patric Reynolds is copyright his parents and they took the time to read his bio.
Patric Reynolds left his former life as a Las Vegas high school teacher with a house, a pension, and new Toyota to go live in the South
to learn how to become a comic book artist. Two years later, he has worked with Patton Oswalt and Joss Whedon (Serenity: Float Out),
Mike Mignola (Abe Sapien: the Haunted Boy), Marc Andreyko (Let Me In), Steve Niles (The Thing: the Northman Nightmare), David
Lapham (Exile to Babylon) and Chris Roberson (Aliens: Fire and Stone) as comic book illustrator and a cover artist. He now is an artist
with a sofa unit, Medicaid, and a bus pass. He couldn't be happier.