Pop Mhan
Pop Mhan has been drawing comics for the past ten years. He has worked for
Marvel, DC, Dark Horse and Image, on titles that have included Batgirl, Robin,
The Demon: Driven Out and his previous trip into the spy genre, SpyBoy. A fan
of Japanese manga for a long time, Pop counts Tohru Fujisawa, Harold Sakuishi
and Oh! Great as influences.
Color Commissions
Black and White Commissions
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All art depicted on this page is copyright their respective owners.  Pop Mhan is copyright
himself and is owned by Golfy.
Where's all the art for sale you ask??? Well, Pop and I
discussed it and we are revamping this beyotch. So this
area is most def under construction.  Will there be some
kick butt awesome art here soon?  YOU BET!  Until then,
just remember Pop and I are both not right in the head
(attached image as proof).  I mean serious issues.  Lots
of them.

**Oh, to add insult to injury, commissions are actually
closed.  Yup, we suck.