Jack Purcell graduated with a bachelors degree in Illustration from Massachusetts College of Art in 1996.  He began
his work both penciling and inking in various independent jobs with a variety of companies, in addition to freelance
illustration for companies like Best Buy, New Jersey Fireworks and Digi magazine.  Jack has taught workshops in
comic book creation for the last 20 years in schools, libraries and museums and feels very old when he says that
out loud.  He eventually focused on inking and has worked on various independent titles, Heavy Metal magazine,
and a variety of titles for Marvel Comics and DC Comics.  Titles include Gotham Underground, Teem Titans,
Green Arrow, Detective Comics, Batman, Countdown, Batgirl and others.  Jack considers it a dream come
true to be working for the “big two”.  He happily lives in western Massachusetts with his son, daughter,and WWE
championship belt.
All characters are copyright their respective owners.  Jack Purcell is copyright his parents.
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