Steve has illustrated such titles as; Batman, X-Men Forever, JLA, Batman Confidential, Marvel Adventures Hulk and many more. Too
many to list over an eighteen year career but, the publishers have included, DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Image, Dark Horse, London
Knight Studios, Malibu Comics and several others.

In addition to his work in comics, Steve has worked in TV, Film, and, more recently, Video games. For TV, his work could be seen on two
episodes of the Hit series Smallville during season six. His talents were called upon to illustrate an episode of Justice and Doom.
Afterword he was called upon again to illustrate the final installment for the series. Steve was also called to illustrate a story bridging
seasons one and two of the ABC Family’s hit series KYLE XY.

In films, Steve was selected to draw the only adaptation to the 2008 Oscar winning film Batman The Dark Knight. His work was overseen
and approved by director Christopher Nolan. This was offered with the Special Blue Ray edition of Batman Begins. Also, that same year,
George Lucas approved Steve to be the artist for Indiana Jones and the Tomb of the Gods. This series, written by Rob Williams, was
loved by Indiana Jones fans everywhere. Much of the art from the series was purchased by Lucas and is now part of his collection.

Currently, Steve’s work can be found in the digital market where he has provided graphics for Cognito Comics , revolutionary,
interactive graphic novel “Operation Ajax”. In video games, He is providing work for “The Bane of Yoto” from Leviathan Games.
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