Born in St. Michaels, Maryland and having grown up in Easton, Maryland… Matt learned early that the best way to eat anything is with a
mallet.  Chesapeake folks understand this.
His approaches to Art are not that far behind.  Utilizing, not only brushes, but quills, sponges, sandpaper, salt, razor blades, his
fingernails, the souls of his enemies, and empty Tic-Tac boxes… Matt has a wonderful time sparing the general populace by working
from his studio home somewhere on a mountain top in Virginia where he occasionally screams out of the third story window that he
“was right” and that “nobody listened”

Matt Slay has been in production art for the better part of a decade having generated images for IDW’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,
Image Comics, The CBLDF, Upper Deck’s “Marvel Premiere”, “Marvel Beginnings series 2”, and others; as well as Cryptozoic’s Tarzan
100th Anniversary sets.  He has also worked on “Charnel House” with Wes Huffor and Broken Voice Comics and produced countless
designs for Record/Album covers, Logos, Book jackets as well as posters, patches and T-shirts for any number of companies.  From
time to time, he’s been known to dabble in video game character design for companies such as Flamero on projects such “Naystar:
The Beginning” and “Journey Through Naystar”

Matt studied Illustration and Design at VCU, The Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art, and completed his Bachelor’s in
Illustration at Radford University and later completed his Masters with endorsements in Art History and Art Psychology.  He now puts
that experience to use as a freelance illustrator bouncing back and forth between comics/comic books, advertising and marketing.
Watercolor b/w
Watercolor/Mixed Media
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