Stéphane Roux is a French comic book artist who is known mostly in America for his cover work for Marvel, DC and Semic
comics. He has worked on such titles as Witchblade: Blood Oath, scripted by Jean-Marc Lofficier, as well as Sibilla (scripted by
Jean-Marc Lainé) and Strangers in the Semic pocket and comics publications. His longest cover assignment was on Birds of
Prey (issues #104 to 127), with notable covers on various titles including Countdown to Final Crisis, Savage She-Hulk, X-Men:
Worlds Apart, and The Amazing Spider-Man Extra #2. He has been working on the DC comics series Zatanna, written by Paul
Dini, and Star Wars: Agent of the Empire, written by John Ostrander.[1] He is is doing covers, fill-ins and short stories for all the
majors comic-book companies. He did the poster for New York Comic Con 2013. He recently worked on a Legend of the Dark
Knight story ( issue # 41 ) written by Ray Fawkes . He also drew a Batman Black and White story, written by Paul Dini called "
Role Models ", in the Batman Black and White issue # 3, Jan 2014.
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