Mark Texeira is currently available for commissions.  Below you will find pricing and examples of
previously completed commissions.  Please allow 4-6 weeks for the completion of your request.  
Longer waiting periods are possible if Tex's professional schedule becomes more constricted.

Bust Shots 8.5 x 11 - $125
*Black and White Full Figure, pencil only, minimal background 11 x 17 - $275
*Black and White, two figures, pencil only, minimal background 11 x 17 - $450
COVER QUALITY Black and White 11 x 17, 2-3 figures, full background - Starts at $1,000

*single and two character commissions, backgrounds at artist's discretion

For more complex commissions requests or options not listed here, please contact
Bob Shaw.
All art depicted on this page is copyright their respective owners.   Tex is copyright his
parents and they have the documentation to prove it.
If you are interested in purchasing a piece of art from Tex, please
contact us at