Trevor Von Eeden is a comic book artist known for drawing Black Lightning, the first African-American
superhero in DC Comics to have his own title. The character is created by comic book writer Tony Isabella
and by artist Trevor Von Eeden.
Other titles he has worked on include Power Man and Iron Fist, Thriller, Black Canary, and Urth 4. Von Eeden
work on various Batman stories is held in particularly high regard with his art on the 1982 Batman annual
generating true reverence.
In the late eighties he also did wonderful work on a four issue Green Arrow mini-series (inked by Dick
Giordano). He is the creator behind the epic biography of boxer Jack Johnson.
All characters depicted are copyright their respective owners.  Trevor Von Eeden is
copyright his parents and they have the documentation to prove it.
Black Panther Cover
Power Man/Iron Fist cover
Cage Cover
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