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Nen Chang

For the first time in over 6 years, Nen chang will be accepting a very limited amount (4) of at-home commissions

Booking will take a non-refundable deposit for the types offered below:

$100.00 deposit for a 10 x 14 single character.  Graphite and coloured leads, mostly red. 

$200.00 deposit for a 12 x 16 single character.  Graphite and coloured leads, mostly red. 

Additonal Characters will double the price of your commission.

The final price of the piece will be determined upon completion. A 10 x 14 usually lands between $450.00 and $800.00 (though some very rare ones hit at $1200.00), 12x16 usually lands at $800.00-$1400.00. The balance is due within 2 weeks of the completion date or the piece will be offered to the public.   

Clients can provide reference images, but we will not guarantee to utilize them as my primary reference. We will not accept pose requests. Basically, you're going to have to trust Nen and her vision. ♥  Contacting her though her Twitch Stream to attempt to give art direction wll result in the forfeiture of your commission deposit.

Domestic shipping is included, international shipping needs to be discussed,  Convention pick up is available if Nen is appearing near you.

Commission Examples

Nen Chang (all)
Nen Chang (all)