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Action Comics #1050 Cover

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Issue: 1050
Page: Cover
Media Type: Mixed Media
Art Type: Cover
Artists: Megan Huang (all)

This piece of digital artwork by Megan Huang is presented on 11 x 17 Custom Bristol Board.

Each artwork is annotated by hand in pencil at the top of the page noting the title, issue number and page for the accompanying book. Each page bears a unique paper press, a unique certificate of authenticity stamp, and a unique Megan Huang numbered tamper-proof hologram.

Each piece of art will be accompanied by a certificate of authenticity with handwritten information about the art, signed by Megan Huang and bearing a matching Megan Huang Hologram within an additional unique stamp.

Each step in creating this unique collectible was overseen by Megan Huang and is 1 of 1.