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Tone Rodriguez

American Graphic & Comic Book Artist born and raised in Los Angeles California.
Started drawing sequential comic art in 1999 with VIOLENT MESSIAHS and John Carpenter’s SNAKE PLISSKEN CHRONICLES. 
Some time later he started drawing sketch cards for both INKWORKS & RITTEN-HOUSE
A few years later he started drawing for BONGO COMICS, and started a happy career drawing stories for SIMPSON’S COMICS, BART SIMPSON’S TREEHOUSE OF HORROR, RADIOACTIVE MAN & FUTURAMA.
In addition to this, he’s drawn art for American television shows like POWER RANGERS TIME FORCE, DEXTER, and THE OFFICE (US Show) as well as several shows for DISNEY TELEVISION.
He’s drawn comic’s & comic book covers for IMAGE, DARK HORSE, CROSS-GEN, TOP COW, COFFIN COMICS and many more
Currently he’s working on a series of graphic novel’s with AEQUITAS COMICS titled OMG! A HORROR ANTHOLOGY 

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