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Meghan Hetrick

Meghan Hetrick is an artist who has been drawing for as long as she could hold a crayon, much to the dismay of both her mother and the walls of her childhood homes.  Aside from the requisite art courses in school, she is completely self-taught, studying the works of artistic masters new and old with equal fervor.  Never one to shy away from adversity, whenever she would come across a subject or material seemingly beyond her abilities, she would push herself to overcome the challenge before her (aka: the “hold my beer” approach to life).  This has resulted in the formation of an artist skilled in a variety of subjects as well as mediums, such as watercolor and gouache, marker, ink, graphite, and, as of late, oils. Her love of strong compositions, storytelling, and color are common themes throughout her art.  Also, there are a lot of beautiful women.  She knows her market.

After getting her start in the sketch card industry, Meghan found her way towards a lifelong dream of working in comics.

Meghan currently resides outside Atlanta, GA (OTP for those in the know), and is allows to live with two slightly off-kilter boxer dogs and three attention seeking cats.  When she tears herself away from her work long enough – wait, that’s a thing?  Okay, she’s not kidding anyone with this, she rarely stops working, but in the rare chance she does, she enjoys a good cigar and a drink, or a nap.  Usually a nap.


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