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Lee Moder

Moder was from Pittsburgh, and studied art at Pennsylvania’s La Roche University before beginning his career at Malibu Comics in 1992. The following year, he took over as artist on William Messner-Loebs’s “Wonder Woman” run, before moving on to pencil “Legion of Super-Heroes” in 1994. He would continue to draw the title regularly until its 100th issue in 1998, collaborating with writers like Mark Waid, Tom McCraw and Tom Peyer, and helping introduce the Dreamer codename for the character Dream Girl/Nura Nal (which would go on to be used by her ancestor Nia Nal.)

He and Johns introduced Courtney Whitmore in 1999’s “Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E.,” which also debuted Pat Dugan’s armored alter-ego. The series ran for 15 issues, after which time Moder began to prioritize work for other companies, drawing “Highlander” and “Painkiller Jane” at Dynamite in the mid-to-late 2000s. He and Ron Marz teamed up on the 2008 Top Cow fantasy series “Dragon Prince” (not to be confused with the animated Netflix series), 2011’s samurai horror “Shinku,” and the 2014 digital comic strip “The Mucker: The Adventures of Billy Byrne,” based on the book by Edgar Rice Burroughs. Other work by Moder included “Red Sonja,” the first issue of “Barb Wire” from 1994, 2001’s “Captain America Annual,” and a 2011 special revisiting his roots, “DC RetroActive: Wonder Woman – The 90s.”

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